Start using Storm Proxies

Step 1:

Login to the member.

Step 2:

Enter IP address of computer where you will use proxies in “Authorized IPs” field and press “Save Settings” button.
To find your IP address please visit site –

You need to wait 15 minutes after this for settings to propagate across our network.

Step 3:

Choose “Main Proxies” or “3 Minutes Proxies” or “15 Minutes Proxies”.
Depends for what purpose you are using proxies you will chose one of these 3 types of proxies.
For sites that require logging and doing longer sessions with logged-in account choose “3 min” or “15 min” proxies.
For scrapping sites or building backlinks – choose “main proxies” that change IP on each HTTP request.
If you are not sure what proxies to choose – simply experiment by trying one type and then another.

Step 4:

Copy Proxy Gateway IPs from our member area and insert them in your software like you would insert any other proxies.

What you see in each field for these 3 types of proxies are our gateway servers IPs.
You just need to enter them once into your software and all proxy rotation will happen on our side.
Behind those gateway IPs is proxy IP pool that rotates proxies automatically.

Common Problems:

Proxies does NOT work

If proxies do not work in your software, issue is always in one of these two mistakes:

  • You didn’t enter correct IP of computer where you plan to use proxies, or you didn’t press “Save Settings” button inside our member area. Or you didn’t wait 15 minutes before testing proxies.Make this simple test: Configure your browser to use proxies and test it by visiting . You should see different IP then your actual IP address.If test from previous step is working and you can see that  shows different IP then your actual IP address – it means that proxy is working at your computer and that problem is with number of threads that your software is using.
  • Your software is using more threads then what is allowed in your plan.
    Some programs are using windows browser in background and makes internet connection through browser.
    You should be aware that one browser tab is using around 10 threads because it loads simultaneously all elements of web page (images, css, java scripts…).
    If you software is using browser in background – you should decrease number of threads inside software or upgrade to bigger proxy plan.



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