How does it work?

You will get IPs that you need to enter inside any software that should make a proxy connection.
By accessing our “IP Switcher / Gateway” server with those IPs, you will receive a new proxy IP on each HTTP request or after 3 minutes or after 15 minutes (depends what proxies you choose from inside our member area).
The maximum number of threads (connections) that you can open in your software tools is limited by the package that you order, e.g. an 80 threads package allows a total number of 80 simultaneous connections (threads).

Inside member area there are 3 types of proxies:

  1. Main proxies – change IP one each HTTP request
  2. 3 minute proxies – change IP every 3 minutes
  3. 15 minute proxies – change IP every 15 minutes

What you see inside member area for each of these 3 types of proxies are IP of our gateway server.
These IPs never change.
By using these IPs from your browser or any other software, you are accessing our proxy gateway that rotate proxy IP and takes new random IP for each request.
On this way remote sites that you access does not see your real IP address but some of IPs from our big proxy IP pool.

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